Official Emergency Station

Amateur operators may be appointed as an Official Emergency Station (OES) by their Section Emergency Coordinator (SEC) or Section Manager (SM) at the recommendation of the EC, or DEC (if no EC) holding jurisdiction. The OES appointee must be an ARRL member and set high standards of emergency preparedness and operating. The OES appointee makes a deeper commitment to theARES program in terms of functionality than does the rank-and-file ARES registrant.

The requirements and qualifications for the position include the following: Full ARRL membership; experience as an ARES registrant; regular participation in the local ARES organization including drills and tests; participation in emergency nets and actual emergency situations; regular reporting of activities.

The OES appointee is appointed to carry out specific functions and assignments designated by the appropriate EC or DEC. The OES appointee and the presiding EC or DEC, at the time of the OES appointment, will mutually develop a detailed, operational function/assignment and commitment for the new appointee. Together, they will develop a responsibility plan for the individual OES appointee that makes the best use of the individual's skills and abilities. During drills and actual emergency situations, the OES appointee will be expected to implement his/her function with professionalism and minimal supervision.

Functions assigned may include, but are not limited to, the following four major areas of responsibility:

OPERATIONS--Responsible for specific, pre-determined operational assignments during drills or actual emergency situations. Examples include: Net Control Station or Net Liaison for a specific ARES net; Manage operation of a specified ARES VHF or HF digital BBS or MBO, or point-to-point link; Operate station at a specified emergency management office, Red Cross shelter or other served agency operations point.

ADMINISTRATION--Responsible for specific, pre-determined administrative tasks as assigned in the initial appointment commitment by the presiding ARES official. Examples include: Recruitment of ARES members; liaison with Public Information Officer to coordinate public information for the media; ARES registration data base management; victim/refugee data base management; equipment inventory; training; reporting; and post-event analysis.

LIAISON--Responsible for specific, pre-determined liaison responsibilities as assigned by the presiding EC or DEC. Examples include: Maintaining contact with assigned served agencies; Maintaining liaison with specified NTS nets; Maintaining liaison with ARES officials in adjacent jurisdictions; Liaison with mutual assistance or "jump" teams.

LOGISTICS--Responsible for specific, pre-determined logistical functions as assigned. Examples include: Transportation; Supplies management and procurement (food, fuel, water, etc.); Equipment maintenance and procurement--radios, computers, generators, batteries, antennas.

MANAGEMENT ASSISTANT --Responsible for serving as an assistant manager to the EC, DEC or SEC based on specific functional assignments or geographic areas of jurisdiction.

CONSULTING--Responsible for consulting to ARES officials in specific area of expertise.

OES appointees may be assigned to pre-disaster, post-disaster, and recovery functions. These functions must be specified in the OES's appointment commitment plan.

The OES appointee is expected to participate in planning meetings, and post-event evaluations. Following each drill or actual event, the EC/DEC and the OES appointee should review and update the OES assignment as required. The OES appointee must keep a detailed log of events during drills and actual events in his/her sphere of responsibility to facilitate this review.

Continuation of the appointment is at the discretion of the appointing official, based upon the OES appointee's fulfillment of the tasks he/she has agreed to perform.

Official Emergency Stations are encouraged to earn certification in Level 1of the ARRL Emergency Communications Course. < >

Recruitment of new hams and League members is an integral part of the job of every League appointee. Appointees should take advantage of every opportunity to recruit a new ham or member to foster growth of Field Organization programs, and our abilities to serve the public.

FSD-108 (1/04)

For Michigan Section Appointees, the following provides additional detail and clarification to the appointment requirements and qualifications:

A Station/Club applying for the position of OES shall be capable of operations without a commercial power source for a period of 8 hours. (Applicants will need a verifiable alternative power source whether it is batteries or a generator or other form of alternative power.)

Appointees shall be capable of transmitting and receiving on applicable bands in line with their function assignment and respective license class.  As a minimum, phone operation is required with CW and Digital forms of communications being highly desirable.

Appointees shall file monthly SAR (Station Activity Reports) with the SM and the local EC.

Participate yearly in the Michigan SET.

Participate yearly in at least 2 Public Service Events.

Appointees shall maintain a normal liaison with one of the recognized NTS Traffic Nets in Michigan (Defined as participation in two nets monthly as reflected both in the SAR and station records.)

Contact Section Leaders

Section Manager
Les Butler, W8MSP
PO Box 237
Gregory, MI 48137

Larry Camp, WB8R
71 Oakdale Lane
Coldwater, MI 49036

Affiliated Club Coordinator
Sean Fleming, K8KHZ
PO BOX 71733
Madison Heights, MI 48071

Official Observer Coordinator
Ken Coughlin, N8KC
53762 Kristin Ct
Shelby Twp., MI 48316

Public Information Coordinator
Ralph Katz, AA8RK
605 Skydale
Ann Arbor, MI 48105

Section Emergency Coordinator
Max Schneider, KE8DON
1309 Marriet Ct
Midland, MI 48640
+1 989 859 4288

Section Traffic Manager
Mark Shaw, K8ED
2135 Vinsetta Blvd
Royal Oak, MI 48073

State Government Liaison
Edward L Hude, WA8QJE
114 S College Rd
Mason, MI 48854-9786

Technical Coordinator
W Wallace Murray, KE8HR
1403 S Hill Rd
Milford, MI 48381-2854