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MI-ARPSC Net Preamble - Current version of the Michigan Section Sunday evening ARPSC Net Preamble.

MICON Procedures Manual - Updated version of the MICON Procedures Manual as forwarded by Ed WA1LRL.

Net Control Training Manual - Net Control Training Manual developed by K8AMR to help train prospective NCS candidates in how to run a net (Same file in Word)

ALGER County Sample MOU for usage in the Section to secure the usage of repeaters for Emergency usage and everyday if one does not already exist. (Word Document)

Marine Corp Antenna Handbook and the Marine Corp Operators Guide - I found these through the Contester Rate Sheet a every other week email publication of the ARRL. These files are in the public domain. They make for some interesting reading and a different perspective on Operating a radio and antennas

EC manual in PDF Format - ecmanual.pdf

Emergency Responder 2000 Manual - A necessary manual to have for identifications of Hazardous Substances -Emergency Responder Guide 2000.pdf

ARES Field Resources Manual -Field Resources Manual.pdf

Part 97 Rules in PDF Format - part97.pdf

Public Service Communications Manual - pscm.pdf

FSD-212 ver 3.4 (Jan, 2015) in Excel Format -FSD212-CountyDistVer3-4.xls

FSD-212 Procedure (pdf) -FSD212 Procedure (revised 1/2008)

Some Thoughts on Disaster Communications - excerpted from the EC Manual - Some Thoughts on Disaster Communications.pdf

Personal Sensitivity and Conflict Resolution PowerPoint Presentation - Developed by Wisconsin and used with their permission - Personal Sensitivity and Conflict Resolution WMN.ppt.

Macomb County ARPSC Guide and Skywarn Guide - Examples of what might be a plan layout for your operations.

Emerg-Responder-Manual - an example of what Santa Clara California has done to make sure that they have a plan and something to help old and new members alike understand what is what.

Michigan ARPSC 2005 - This is the Power Point Presentation that would have been shown at the April 2, 2005 DEC Meeting. Use this as a means to train new and future ECs or DECs in what is expected of them and how forms are to be filled out. During the meeting it was decided that the definitions were unclear as to what constituted the items on Line 9, 10 and 11 of the FSD-212. The DECs are currently working on defining these items such that all of Michigan is reporting in the same manner or a uniform manner. Just from looking at some of the reports there would seem to be some confusion as to what these items are and how to report them correctly at least in Michigan. As these definitions are defined by the DECs this PPT will be updated and corrected to reflect those values.

Michigan ARPSC Guidelines - ARPSC Guidelines document signed Sep 10, 2007, and a Powerpoint presentation ECs can use to roll it out.

WB8RCR's slides from the October 2007 EC meeting.

WB8TKL's slides from the October 2007 EC meeting.

WB8RCR's ARES slides for section staff, January 19, 2008.

WB8RCR's NTS slides for section staff, January 19, 2008.

WB8RCR's Slides for the May 2008 EC meeting.

WB8RCR's Slides for the November 2008 EC meeting.

Fiscal Year 2008 report to MSP EM/HSD (pdf, 144k).

WB8RCR's ARES slides for section staff, January 10, 2009

WB8RCR's NTS slides for section staff, January 10, 2009

Material for Spring '09 Digital exercise:
Exercise Plan: DigitalModesExercise.pdf
Reporting Form:DigitalExerciseReport.txt
PCB Layout:SoundCardInterface.pdf

Contact Section Leaders

Section Manager
Les Butler, W8MSP
PO Box 237
Gregory, MI 48137

Larry Camp, WB8R
71 Oakdale Lane
Coldwater, MI 49036

Affiliated Club Coordinator
Sean Fleming, K8KHZ
PO BOX 71733
Madison Heights, MI 48071

Official Observer Coordinator
Ken Coughlin, N8KC
53762 Kristin Ct
Shelby Twp., MI 48316

Public Information Coordinator
Ralph Katz, AA8RK
605 Skydale
Ann Arbor, MI 48105

Section Emergency Coordinator
Max Schneider, KE8DON
1309 Marriet Ct
Midland, MI 48640
+1 989 859 4288

Section Traffic Manager
Mark Shaw, K8ED
2135 Vinsetta Blvd
Royal Oak, MI 48073

State Government Liaison
Edward L Hude, WA8QJE
114 S College Rd
Mason, MI 48854-9786

Technical Coordinator
W Wallace Murray, KE8HR
1403 S Hill Rd
Milford, MI 48381-2854