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7. Connecting to Linux using PuTTY

Sometimes it may be useful to manipulate the underlying Linux operating system. This is rarely required but for some advanced uses it can be helpful. If you still have the keyboard and television attached, you may select the terminal icon from the bottom of the screen to get to the command line, or you may switch to a full screen command window by typing Ctrl+Alt+F2 through Ctrl+Alt+F5 and using Ctrl+Alt+F1 to return to the graphical screen.
However, if you no longer have these connected, you can still access the operating system over your LAN using PuTTY.
To do this, bring up the PuTTY configuration screen and enter the IP as in Figure 18, “PuTTY Configuration Window”, but instead of selecting Telnet select SSH. PuTTY will ask for the user to log on as, and then show the Linux logon. (The SSH protocol requires that the user be exchanged before the remote end shows anything, unlike the JNOS or Windows logon where the usercode is requested then the password.)
Linux login
Figure 23. Linux login