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8. Controlling JNOS from the command line

The operating system sees JNOS as a service. A service is something that starts and stops more or less automatically. In our case, JNOS starts whenever the computer is booted. Should JNOS crash or be stopped from the console, it will be automatically restarted.
The systemctl command is used to start and stop services. JNOS is known to the operating system as getty@tty6.service.
You can view the status of JNOS by typing (at the command line)
systemctl status getty@tty6.service
JNOS Status
systemctl status command
Figure 24. JNOS Status

The remaining commands must be executed as root.
To stop JNOS:
systemctl stop getty@tty6.service
To start JNOS:
systemctl start getty@tty6.service
To cause JNOS to start automatically on boot:
systemctl enable getty@tty6.service
To prevent JNOS from starting at boot, or restarting automatically:
systemctl disable getty@tty6.service