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9. Controlling JNOS from the GUI

As a service, JNOS can also be controlled using the system-config-services program. system-config-services is not installed by default, so to use the application, it is first necessary to install it by:
sudo yum install system-config-services
Once installed, the application can be launched from the Services item of the Administration submenu.
Launching Services
Launching system-config-services
Figure 25. Launching Services

The application shows a list of services on the left. The icon to the left of the name shows whether or not the service is enabled, disabled or running.
The Services window
Figure 26. The Services window

To control JNOS, scroll down to getty@tty6 and highlight it. The panel on the right will show the status and a (very) brief description of the service.
Across the top of the window are six buttons. Two of the left four will be grayed (disabled). These four buttons allow you to Enable (cause to run at boot), Disable, Start and Stop JNOS. (Obviously, you cannot stop a service that is already stopped or enable a service already enabled.)