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The Cliff Notes Version

The following are the steps very briefly:
  1. Obtain a radio IP address (
  2. Build the TNC-Pi and install it on your Raspberry Pi
  3. Select two LAN addresses, one for the Raspberry Pi, one bogus (Section 2.2, “LAN IP Addresses”)
  4. Download the preconfigured image (
  5. Install the image onto the SD card (, Section 3, “Building the SD card”).
  6. Do firstboot, answer a number of simple questions
  7. Logon and select JNOS from the system menu (Section 4, “Configuring JNOS”).
  8. Fill in all fields, click Install JNOS
  9. When LEDs become inactive, remove screen, keyboard, mouse and power, move Pi to its place on the radio shelf, connect LAN and radio and apply power
  10. Configure your email client to use the Pi as a second email account (Section 5, “Using email to send and receive messages”).