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Field Definitions

This is the fully-qualified node name you supplied when registering for your IP address. It must end in
This is the IP address you were assigned for your node. It consists of four numbers between 0 and 255 separated by periods. It must begin with 44.102.
HamGate Name
This is the name of the HamGate responsible for your county. It must end with and is usually of the form
HamGate IP
This is the IP address of your HamGate. It consists of four numbers between 0 and 255 separated by periods. It must begin with 44.102. and it usually ends in .1
This is the frequency your node will use. This is a dropdown listing the valid Michigan packet frequencies
TNC Device
This is the device to which the TNC is attached. The field is not changeable. It is always ttyAMA0.
This shows the Ethernet device name for your Raspberry Pi. The field is not changeable and is always eth0
Linux IP
This is the IP address of the Raspberry Pi on your LAN. You selected this in Section 2.2, “LAN IP Addresses”.
This is the hardware address of the Ethernet interface on your Raspberry Pi. It is read from the hardware and cannot be changed.
This is the IP address of the JNOS end of the imaginary pipe connecting the Ethernet to JNOS. It may be any IP not otherwise used on your LAN. Except in rare cases, it does not even need to be in your LAN's subnet.
This is the callsign that will be used for your packet station. Usually it is your call. This field will be converted to uppercase as you type.
This is the city in which your packet station will reside.
This is the Maidenhead grid square for your station
From this drop down list, select your county.
Select the quadrant of the state to be used for old-style hierarchical addressing. If you don't know your quadrant, it can be found in
Your Zip code
Sysop call
This is your call, normally the same call you used in JNOS Call. It will be used as the user name for logging on to the PBBS as well as for FTP and Mail.
Sysop Password
This is your desired password. It echoes as dots. This password will be used for logging on to the PBBS, as well as for mail and FTP.
Retype Password
Since you can't see your password as you type it, this is the verification. The field will not turn black until it is the same as the previous field.