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2.3. Hardware

There are assorted other bits and pieces needed. The TNC-Pi can only be ordered from Coastal Chipworks ( The Raspberry Pi can be ordered from a number of places, but only a few actually ship any time soon. Newark ( keeps a good stock, and several people have reported getting delivery from MCM. Most offer some packages including the power supply and case. Keep in mind that the TNC-Pi will be too tall for most Pi cases.
The following is an outline of all the parts except the radio cable:
Vendor Item Price
Newark Raspberry Pi 35.00
Power Supply 8.93
SD Card 7.95
Tax & Shipping 9.12
Total 61.00
Coastal Chipworks TNC-Pi 40.00
Shipping 6.00
Total 46.00
Table 1. Required Hardware

The TNC-Pi connects to the radio through a DB-9 connector. The pinout can be found in the manual. Alternatively, there are four pads on the TNC-Pi which can be used to connect to the radio. Should you prefer the DB-9 you might wish to add a DB-9P and hood to your Newark order. The radio end is radio-specific, so you may want to determine what connectors you want before placing your order.
You will also want an Ethernet cable. The length depends on the distance between your router and where you want the Raspberry Pi. This is an ordinary Ethernet cable. Again, you might find the Newark price better than local suppliers, or might not depending on what is available locally.