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5. Using email to send and receive messages

JNOS includes a mail server integrated with packet BBS messages. To use the mail server it is first necessary to create a mail account for that server.
In Outlook Express (other mail programs will be similar) select Accounts... from the Tools menu.
Opening the Accounts Window
Opening accounts
Figure 10. Opening the Accounts Window

Next, select Add -> Mail....
Adding an account
Add accounts
Figure 11. Adding an account

The email address is determined by the data you provided during configuration. It will be "Sysop call"@"Nodename", so in the example in Figure 7, “Configuration Panel”, the email address would be
Packet email address
Packet email address
Figure 12. Packet email address

If you are not going to leave your JNOS system connected to your LAN full time, you may wish to uncheck Include this account when receiving mail or synchronizing.
The Incoming and Outgoing mail servers should be set to the same value you provided for the AMPR IP when configuring JNOS.
Servers Tab
Servers Tab
Figure 13. Servers Tab

The Account name and Password will be the values from Sysop call and Sysop Password that you provided in Figure 7, “Configuration Panel”.
When sending a packet message, select your packet account in the From: field in the mail header. This will cause the mailer to send the message to JNOS instead of your normal mail server.
Sending a message
Selecting the send account
Figure 14. Sending a message

Received packet messages look just like any other email, except that the From: address will end in
Received message
Received message
Figure 15. Received message

When replying to a packet message, the From: will default properly, making replying to a packet message no different than replying to any other email.
Replying to a message
Add accounts
Figure 16. Replying to a message