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3. National Traffic System

Michigan's National Traffic System consists of amateurs who send messages (called "traffic") around the Section and around the nation. These amateurs are organized into a group of on the air nets that meet frequently with the intent of passing messages. These are the "unsung heros" of ARPSC; many practice their skills every day, but they operate behind the scenes, out of the eye of the served agencies and the public.
The individual nets report monthly. Michigan nets send approximately 1000 messages a month. In 2012, they reported 17,173 messages passed. Not all traffic is reported, although the large number of non-reporting nets probably pass a small fraction of the messages. The chart below shows the performance across the year:
Affiliated Net Reporting
NTS Results
Figure 2. Affiliated Net Reporting

Detailed reports for the most recent month are available at Links on the page allow for viewing of previous reports or individual net history.
Michigan amateurs also participate in other nets. The Eighth Region net takes messages destined for out of state addresses, and collects traffic bound for Michigan to pass to Michigan representatives who will then carry those messages to the Michigan nets. The Eastern Area Net interfaces with the Region nets to move traffic among the Regions in the Eastern Area. The Transcontinental Corps arranges to move traffic between the Areas. Michigan amateurs participate in all of these, however that effort is not reflected in Michigan reporting.

3.1. Organization

The bulk of the traffic is passed through nine affiliated nets. Each net has an appointed net manager, responsible for arranging net controls and liaisons to other nets, and for reporting monthly to the Section Traffic Manager.
The affiliated nets and their net managers are:
Net Call Net Manager
Great Lakes Emergency and Traffic Net K8VFZ Grant Watson
Michigan Amateur Communications System WB8TQZ Michael Horn
Michigan ARPSC Net WB8RCR John McDonough
Michigan Digital Traffic Net N8FVM Ed Bassett
Michigan Traffic Net WB8WKQ Jeff Miller
Michigan VHF Traffic Net AC8AR Flora Jean Young
QMN, The Michigan Net K8AE Anne Travis
Southeast Michigan Traffic Net WB8WKQ Jeff Miller
Thumb and Mid-Michigan Traffic Net K8VFZ Grant Watson
Upper Peninsula Net WA8DHB Aileen Gagnon
Table 3. Net Managers

To be eligible for affiliation, a net must report regularly and maintain liaison with other National Traffic System nets.
In addition, there are perhaps 40 other nets operating within the state, approximately ten of which report regularly.
The STM has a small number of assistants who engage in projects such as liaison with other entities, training, and administrative duties:
KB8RCR Ryan Lughermo
WD8USA Joe Bell
Table 4. Assistant Section Traffic Managers