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4. Individual Amateur Reporting

In addition to reporting by Emergency Coordinators and Net Managers, individual amateurs are also encouraged to make reports. There are three reports from individuals; Public Service Honor Roll, Station Activity Report, and Brass Pounder's League.

4.1. Public Service Honor Roll

The Public Service Honor Roll reporting combines activity in a number of categories. Stations get "points" for net checkins, traffic, Section level appointments, public service oriented web or other digital systems, and hours spent in public or emergency service.
If a station reports 70 points within a month, that station is listed in QST, the amateur radio journal. If a station is listed for 12 consecutive months, or for 18 months out of 24, the League will issue a certificate.
PSHR reporting for 2012 has been relatively flat across the year. The summer months tend to be higher due to bad weather and various public service events.
Public Service Honor Roll Reporting
PSHR Results
Figure 3. Public Service Honor Roll Reporting