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5.1. SEOC Activations

In 2012 the Section participated in three activations of the State Emergency Operations Center.
Date Incident Location
March 4 Blizzard District 7
May 25 Wildfires District 8
December 9 Civil Disturbance Lansing
Table 6. Michigan State Emergency Operations Center Activations

None of these required the station be activated. In all cases the SEC participated via the CIMS and telephone conferences. In all cases the Section's participation was recorded in the Operations Chief's shift report.
During the March 4 blizzard, a number of stations from across the District provided communications for Red Cross shelters and warming stations across the region. Travel across the area was difficult and only a small number of operators were able to activate.
During the May 25 wildfires, operators from Luce county provided communications for a Red Cross shelter in Newberry. Cell phone service was challenged during the initial part of the event, although later in the response Verizon was able to provide additional cellular coverage. Mackinac county operators assisted the State Police by transporting MPSCS radios from the cache in St. Ignace to the fire scene.
During the Lansing civil disturbance, the Operations Chief requested that we be prepared to activate the station quickly, but our assistance was not required. This event was primarily a law enforcement action.