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8.2. NTS

The number of checkins experienced by the nets in the section has remained relatively flat. It is not clear what caused the depression of 2007-2008.
The drop for 2011 is probably somewhat permanent. The Wolverine Net had been an NTS affiliated traffic net. Over the years the traffic has dwindled, and last year that net asked to drop its affiliation with NTS, and along with it, their reporting. In addition, the Northern Lower Eastern Upper Peninsula net has been without leadership, and hence, without reporting.
Net Checkins
Net Reports
Figure 11. Net Checkins

Traffic, however, has trended relentlessly upward. The steeper slope of traffic reported by individuals, as compared to that reported by nets, is probably due to two causes:
  1. KB8RCR has been actively encouraging reporting, especially individual reporting. The number of amateurs reporting their station activity has increased significantly over the past few years.
  2. More and more Michigan amateurs are becoming involved in Region and Area nets, and even in the Transcontinental Corps. These tend to be very high traffic stations, and much of their traffic does not appear on Michigan nets.
Figure 12. Traffic