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7.2. Web

ARPSC maintains two web sites, one for ARES and one for NTS. There is also a Section web site for more general information, and a web site maintained by the Digiral Radio Group.
Site URL Content
Michigan Section Section news of general interest to amateurs in the Michigan Section
Amateur Radio Emergency Services Reference information of interest to ARES members, as well as performance data
National Traffic System Reference information of interest to NTS members, as well as performance data
Digital Radio Group Reference information concerning various digital modes, especially packet.
Table 11. Web Sites

The screenshot below shows an example page from the site.
mi-arpsc Website
ARPSC website
Figure 6. mi-arpsc Website

In addition to the Section sites, many Districts and Nets also maintain web sites.
In early 2011, the web provider lost the domain name which had been registered through the provider. was a subdomain of The result was that both websites were down for some time. The SEC purchased the and domain names and moved these to a new server. was redirected to
The new web provider offers some features lacking in the earlier site, however, it is lacking a feature which had been used to provide RSS feeds for the web sites. The RSS feed has not yet been restored.