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6.3. 2013 Exercise Plans

Emergency Coordinators have consistently asked for more statewide drills, with the most common request being for four per year. However, the FEMA HSEEP process proved to be quite burdensome, but also valuable. It seems unrealistic to expect the staff to prepare more than two exercises per year.
For the 2013 cycle, our goals are as follows:
  • 2013
Present Problems
  • Handling of ICS and other forms continues to be weak
  • Digital skills and infrastructure still need considerable improvement
  • Documentation of plans and procedures is badly lacking
Long Range Goal
  • Serve effectively as a partner to State Agencies as well as local agencies.
Functional Objectives
  • Further develop digital circuits
  • Improve ability to handle complex forms
  • Continue to develop HSEEP skills
Table 9. 2013 Objectives

The plan for 2013 is as follows:
Ex13-1 2Q2013
  • Exercise: Functional Drill
  • For: Section
  • Purpose: Exercise direct circuits to the State EOC
  • Rationale: For the past several exercises we have focused on the ARES/NTS interface. This has not given the counties an opportunity to test their direct circuits to the SEOC
Ex13-2 2013-10-05
  • Exercise: Functional Drill
  • For: Section
  • Purpose: Exercise Auxcomm interfaces
  • Rationale: Although other Auxcomm entities have participated to a degree in State-sponsored exercises, focused functional drills have not been held to flesh out any challenges.
Table 10. Planned 2013 Exercises