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4.3. Brass Pounder's League

Stations reporting 500 messages passed in a single month, or a total of 100 originations plus deliveries are eligible for Brass Pounder's league. This requires substantial dedication, and only a few stations achieve this award.
The stations qualifying in 2012 were:
Call Name Total
WB8WKQ Jeff Miller 6069
WB9JSR John Wehmer 4539
KB8RCR Ryan Lughermo 2993
K8LJG John Kroll 2447
N8JWH Johnny Thomas 2219
KD8CYK Gerry Galloway 1823
K8RDN Bob Berger 589
Table 5. Brass Pounder's League

This is the first year for which records are available in which 7 Michigan stations earned Brass Pounder's League. In 2009 and 2010 only 4 stations earned this award.