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6. Significant Incidents

In addition to numerous local incidents, in 2010 there were two incidents that caused at least partial activation of the State EOC.
In June, a tornado went through Monroe county causing significant damage to the Village of Dundee. In addition, the tornado damaged the E. Fermi II nuclear power plant which caused activation of the SEOC. No release occurred and the public was not endangered. ARES programs in Monroe and Wayne counties responded.
In July, a pipeline in Battle Creek operated by Enbridge Inc. ruptured, spilling crude oil into the Kalamazoo River. ARES programs from Calhoun, Allegan and Kalamazoo counties responded.
In neither case was the station at the State EOC activated, however in both cases the SEC monitored the progress of the event via the State's Critical Incident Management System and was in frequent telephone and radio contact with the local programs.