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9. State Homeland Security Strategy

In late 2009, the SEC participated with other State Agencies in the development of the State Homeland Security Strategy. In 2010 that strategy was approved, and a number of objective coordinators were appointed to focus on the various elements of the strategy.
Of particular interest to ARPSC was Goal 2:
Enhance, implement, and sustain homeland security programs.
 --Goal 2
and in particular
Annually identify planning needs to improve capabilities and address changing conditions by August 30.
 --Objective 2.1
The Section has committed to contribute to the State's progress against this objective by preparing a number of planning documents. Some of these documents have been completed, and a number are scheduled for 2011.
Date Document Description Responsible
2011-01-31 State Simplex Plan Agreement on use of simplex frequencies SEC and DECs
2011-01-31 2011 Exercise Plan How will we respond to 2011 exercises ASEC Training and Exercises
2011-03-31 District callout plan Plan for each district to mobilize ECs Each individual DEC responsible for district
2011-04-30 County callout plan Plan for each county to mobilize members Each individual EC responsible for county
2011-05-30 MI ARPSC Guidelines Guidelines for participants in MI-ARPSC. Signed by SM and MSP. Requires revision and review Bill Bond on point but heavy engagement of SM, SEC and DECs plus input from MSP
2011-06-30 Net callout plan Plan for each net to meet for unplanned session Each individual net manager responsible for net
2011-08-31 2012 Plans Objective 2.1 response plans for 2012 SEC
Table 10. Targeted Documents for 2011

Because many of these documents contain sensitive information, the SEC has developed a "library" on the website where these documents can be easily found and, if necessary, password protected. DECs and Net Managers have been given password access, and it is anticipated that most ECs will also require access. Each program within the Section has a dedicated area within the library.
Library Opening Page
Library Opening Page
Figure 8. Library Opening Page

It is anticipated that documents within the library will be available in a number of formats; html for online access, pdf for printed output, ePub for portable devices, and plain text for packet BBSs and similar low-bandwidth devices.