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7.2. Section Exercises

The Section also organizes statewide exercises each year. Section exercises, unlike State-sponsored exercises, tend to be functional, exercising primarily communications skills, and are developed to attempt to engage all the counties within the state.
The interface between ARES and NTS has not been as effective as it might be. Two functional drills were held in 2010, both with the intention of helping to develop that interface.
The first was held April 10. In this exercise, detailed instructions were provided to the leadership of ARES and NTS as to expectations, circuits to be used, net schedules, etc. Although there were some issues, the programs performed reasonably well.
The second was held October 2. The scenario and overall plan was the same as the April drill, however, the Emergency Coordinators and Net Managers were given much less detail. That exercise made it clear that much more practice is needed in the NTS/ARES interface.