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3. Execution

This year's exercise will be a simple, functional drill. Ahead of the SET, DECs will be given a number of messages to distribute to those counties planning to participate. Counties will be expected to pass those messages to the SEOC over voice circuits. The SEOC will transmit a few messages to the counties. ECs are encouraged to augment the state plan by practicing those skills important to their county.
The SEOC will be active on a number of circuits. While the State HF Emergency Frequency has tended to be primary for most exercises, that circuit is likely to be congested. Counties are therefore encouraged to exploit any VHF/UHF circuits available to them.
Depending on conditions and the number of operators available, it is possible the SEOC may be able to use both the 75 meter SEF as well as the 40 meter backup frequency simultaneously.
Counties are encouraged to maintain their station status in the MI-CIMS AuxComm Station Status board. It is helpful for everyone to know what other stations are on the air and what frequencies they are using.
Counties should also note their acitivities in the Activity Log, and tick Post to AuxComm Shared Activities.

September 30

This year SET will be held on Saturday, September 30, 2017.
SEOC Operation
The SEOC will operate on as many circuits as possible, limited by the number of transmitters and operators available. The SEOC plan is shown at Figure 1, “SEOC Communications Plan”.
Copy of SEOC ICS-205
Figure 1. SEOC Communications Plan