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2016 SET Master Scenario Event List

John McDonough

American Radio Relay League Michigan Section

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This document provides the Master Scenario Event List for the 2016 ARRL Simulated Emergency Test for the Michigan Section. The document is intended for exercise controllers and should not be shared with participants.

1. Introduction

The master Scenario Event List provides the list of events which make up the simulated disaster. While the players may not discover all of the events, the detailed events provide context for the exercise controllers who will deliver injects to the participants.

2. Master Scenario Event List

Fri, Oct 7, 2016 07:18
The sun erupts in a large coronal mass ejection. It will take a while for news to reach earth.
Fri, Oct 7, 2016 07:26
Light weight and fast moving particles, so-call relativistic particles because they move at close to light speed, reach the earth.
Fri, Oct 7, 2016 07:27
These relativistic particles create an instant HF blackout. Amateurs listening at the time hear a bang and then the bands go dead. QRPers know this will only last a few hours and for a while after, HF conditions will be enhanced.
Fri, Oct 7, 2016 07:41
The jolt of particles induces current on power lines causing breakers to trip throughout Southern California.
Fri, Oct 7, 2016 07:45
The city of Los Angeles goes dark.
Fri, Oct 7, 2016 08:12
Power lines already stressed by the particle bombardment take another hit as nearby grids trip. Power loss continues up the west coast.
Fri, Oct 7, 2016 08:47
The Texas Interconnect becomes unstable. West Texas is separate from the Eastern and Interconnect, but still took a particle hit. It was able to keep operating a little longer due to its much smaller size.
Fri, Oct 7, 2016 09:02
Google reports damage to their datacenter in The Dalles, Oregon.
Fri, Oct 7, 2016 09:32
The HF blackout subsides but much equipment connected to large antennas is damaged.
Fri, Oct 7, 2016 10:13
Power companies begin to grapple with the power loss, and providers who did not suffer extensive damage are able to get their producing capacity online
Fri, Oct 7, 2016 10:15
FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate holds a press conference to warn of the coming CME. The heavier particles take more time to reach earth, between 10 and 100 hours, but when they arrive can be much more damaging. The resultant HF blackout is likely to last for days rather than hours. This particular ejection is moving quite quickly.
Fri, Oct 7, 2016 10:30
California Governor Edmund Gerald "Jerry" Brown, Jr. declares a state of emergency.
Fri, Oct 7, 2016 11:00
Governors Jay Inslee of Washington and Kate Brown of Oregon follow Governor Moonbeam's example.
Fri, Oct 7, 2016 11:45
The Western Interconnect is now mostly stable, but some damage is unrepaired.
Fri, Oct 7, 2016 12:21
The Texas Interconnect, which suffered much less damage, has been stabilized.
Fri, Oct 7, 2016 15:52
Most power restored within the Western Interconnect
Sat, Oct 8, 2016 06:20
The bulk of the mass ejected by the sun now strikes the earth. The effect is similar to the EMP emitted by a nuclear explosion, not quite as strong, but more widespread. HF will be blacked out for days.
Sat, Oct 8, 2016 07:40
Col. Kriste Kibbey Etue, Michigan Director of Homeland Security, notifies Governor Rick Snyder of the potential for widespread infrastructure disruption.
Sat, Oct 8, 2016 07:41
The D.C. Cook Nuclear Power Plant in Bridgman is scrammed due to the concern about offsite power. Nuclear plants are required to have three sources of power if they are to remain operating.
Sat, Oct 8, 2016 07:45
Governor Rick Snyder orders the SEOC activated.
Sat, Oct 8, 2016 07:56
The Enrico Fermi Nuclear Generating Station in Frenchtown Township is shut down due to the concern about offsite power.
Sat, Oct 8, 2016 07:57
Several large power providers are disconnecting from the Eastern Interconnect in an attempt to protect their equipment.
Sat, Oct 8, 2016 08:00
The SEOC is activated.

Break for Participant's Guide

The above events will be included in the Participant's Guide. Later events will only be revealed by injects delivered by the District Emergency Coordinators who will act as exercise controllers.
Sat, Oct 8, 2016 08:21
The Palisades Nuclear generating Plant in Covert Township is scrammed due to the concern about offsite power.
Sat, Oct 8, 2016 08:23
The Eastern interconnection crashes.
Sat, Oct 8, 2016 08:40
The SEOC is declared fully operational
Sat, Oct 8, 2016 08:40
The SEOC asks that District 1 provide a high level IS-214 to keep the SEOC apprised of District 1 activities.
Sat, Oct 8, 2016 08:47
Major Internet providers report significant service degradation.
Sat, Oct 8, 2016 08:51
SEOC requests Fermi status from D2
Sat, Oct 8, 2016 09:02
SEOC requests status of MCV from D3, also passes D7, D8 requests
Sat, Oct 8, 2016 09:07
The Eastern Interconnect is down
Sat, Oct 8, 2016 09:13
SEOC advises D5 that D.C. Cook has reported a Unusual Event SU1.1
Sat, Oct 8, 2016 09:17
The entire Western Interconnection is reported down
Sat, Oct 8, 2016 09:24
SEOC asks D6 to report on the status of the J.H. Campbell Power Plant in Port Sheldon Township.
Sat, Oct 8, 2016 09:27
The Texas Interconnection has become unstable.
Sat, Oct 8, 2016 09:35
D3 asks D7 to report on the number of available beds in the Munson Medical Center.
Sat, Oct 8, 2016 09:39
The Texas Interconnection has shut down.
Sat, Oct 8, 2016 09:46
D7 asks D8 (through D3) Advise objectives and command emphasis for next operational period.
Sat, Oct 8, 2016 10:00
D7 advises D3 that the MPSCS does not seem to be able to connect to downstate talk groups.
Sat, Oct 8, 2016 10:19
District 1 provides the SEOC with the requested IS-214 information.
Sat, Oct 8, 2016 10:23
The Cleveland-Cliffs Iron Company, operator of the Presque Isle Power Plant in Marquette, reports that their generating capacity will take approximately two weeks to repair.
Sat, Oct 8, 2016 10:30
District 2 reports to the SEOC that the E. Fermi II Nuclear Generating Plant in Monroe County is at Unusual Event SU2.1.
Sat, Oct 8, 2016 10:36
DTMB identifies a number of towers with damaged microwave equipment, causing MPSCS connectivity to be spotty.
Sat, Oct 8, 2016 10:41
District 3 reports that the Midland Cogeneration Venture is idling, but disconnected from the grid.
Sat, Oct 8, 2016 10:48
Captain Chris Kelenske, Commander of the Emergency Management and Homeland Security Division of the Michigan State Police, asks the Federal Emergency Management Agency for assistance in the form of generators and fuel for critical infrastructure.
Sat, Oct 8, 2016 10:52
The D.C. Cook plant is at ALERT classification SA5.1 reported by D5. SA5.1 indicates that 2400 VAC power busses critical for safety have been without power for over 15 minutes.
Sat, Oct 8, 2016 10:58
The large number of broken connections, and strange inputs from damaged equipment, cause the MPSCS software to crash, making much of the system unusable. Responders may still use their radios for simplex communications.
Sat, Oct 8, 2016 11:03
District 6 reports that the J.H. Campbell Power Plant in Port Sheldon township has been shut down.
Sat, Oct 8, 2016 11:11
President Barack Obama is at the Club at Hokulia in Kealakekua and cannot consider the request for an emergency declaration until his return to Washington next week.
Sat, Oct 8, 2016 11:19
FEMA responds to MSP request for assistance by indicating that although a small number of generators can be supplied, the widespread nature of the outage prevents them from providing all the resources requested.
Sat, Oct 8, 2016 11:25
D7 reports to D3 that due to reduced power, The Munson Medical Center in Traverse City is down to 181 bed capacity.
Sat, Oct 8, 2016 11:31
Presidential candidate Jill Stein holds a press conference informing people that this would not have happened if the Republicans had not blocked every attempt to mitigate global climate change.
Sat, Oct 8, 2016 11:47
D8 reports its next operational period objectives to D7, who in turn reports to D3.
Sat, Oct 8, 2016 11:52
Detroit Edison determines that equipment damage will take approximately three weeks to repair, but partial service could be restored within a week.
Sat, Oct 8, 2016 11:58
D3 relays D7 and D8 reports to SEOC.
Sat, Oct 8, 2016 12:19

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