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Injects for all Districts

Prior to the event
Select a county to exercise public warning (ESF#15). In a long term power outage, citizens will not be able to contact their local PSAP. Key AM radio stations will be on the air for quite some time, but few people listen to AM radio. Cell will initially be overloaded, but many cell towers will remain up for a day or two. However, their backhaul likely will not, so the cell system itself will be essentially useless.
Amateurs and LEOs may be dispatched to public sites such as fire stations, town halls, etc. to allow folks needing public safety services to report their need which could then be relayed back to the local EOC via radio, public service or amateur. Amateurs, CERT volunteers, firefighters and LEOs may need to go door to door to inform people of the mechanism for contacting their PSAP. In many cases, public safety radio systems may be unable to dispatch responders, so alternatives will need to be found.
How this response plays out will be different in each county, so the exact response must be worked out by the EC. Most likely the chosen county or counties will want to play this out as a tabletop or workshop.
Sat, Oct 8, 08:49
It is becoming obvious that the outage may be lengthy. Initiate your District activation plan. Advise your ECs:
  • Be sure their family is prepared for a long outage. Have adequate water, food, medications, fuel for generator if they have one, etc.
  • Be sure the car is gassed up. Gas stations will be unable to pump gas, or if they can, they will run out quickly. Fuel will be redirected to critical infrastructure.
  • Turn off your cell phone. Turn it on once an hour or so to check for text messages or email. These can often get through even with degraded service, and will use a lot less battery than voice. Many phones will quickly consume their battery if they cannot find a tower.
  • Check that your car phone charger is working. For as long as you have fuel, this will be the only way to recharge your phone. Where possible, do the same for your HTs.
  • If you have HTs that can operate from AA cells, lay in a good supply. Keep all HTs charged to the extent possible.
  • Monitor your District's emergency frequencies. Since HF frequencies are blacked out, the State's frequencies are useless.

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