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4. Exercise Scenario

The Upper Peninsula of Michigan experienced record-setting extreme cold temperatures with periods of rapid warming. This trend moved south over the following weeks. This resulted in considerable infrastructure damage due to freeze-thaw effects, as well as significant flooding in some places.
The situation continues to evolve and conditions are expected to degrade further as the ground begins to thaw and expand, resulting in broken water and sewer lines. Numerous residents remain on temporary water supply via garden houses carrying water from homes that still have service. No injuries or fatalities have been reported. There has been no reported power outages throughout the entire Upper Peninsula related to this event. No American Red Cross (ARC) shelters have been opened.
The Marquette County Water Treatment Facility is near capacity of 3.2 million gallons of water being pumped to residents/businesses in the City of Ishpeming and Negaunee (approximately 13,000 people). Negaunee alone is pumping over 1.3 (million gallons per day) and they would normally pump 500,000 - 600,000 gallons per day. The City of Negaunee is shutting off mains throughout the city in order to help alleviate some of the stress of the system, which means residents and businesses are without water.
MDHS Native Affairs Director is doing a friendly inquiry to her tribal contacts to see if there are any issues or resource needs related to these disasters. MDHS has been in touch with local MDHS Director in Marquette. She has not been contacted for response efforts. We continue to monitor and review our plans.
Marquette County has had 5 main breaks in the last 24-hour period on Maas Street, which is a thoroughfare to US 41 in Negaunee. Residents are being re-routed. Each time crews fix a section of the street there is another break in front of the one they fixed. At this time, that break is 80 feet long. These are cast iron pipes that were part of a mitigation project that was completed after a freeze in 1994. During this process, a mobile excavator was almost lost due to the ground sinking.
At least 8 homes on the Manistee River and 19 roads were affected. Contact made with homeowners on River Road; some homes de-energized on River Road and Chippewa Road. Flood waters are receding along the Manistee River, and residents are cleaning up damage. Several roads remain closed, and many are partially open or temporarily/partially repaired.
In Newaygo County, there is no count of propane tanks that may be missing. The county expressed concern on the safety of boat access sites. The county is requesting building inspectors to evaluate homes that were impacted by the flood waters. A private company with propane extraction equipment will be assisting Newaygo County after their job is complete in Osceola County. To date 165 homes have been affected by floodwaters and wind damage. The extent of the damage to the homes is unknown at time. Damage Assessment is ongoing and will continue as the flood waters recede further. The following areas are still inaccessible: Sarrell Drive, City of Newaygo - 9 homes; Old Women's Bend, Garfield Township - 9 homes; Anderson Flat's, Garfield Township - 10 homes, 1 campground; Sycamore Flats, Ashland Township - 12 homes; Sugar Bush and Maple Drive, Ashland Township - 20 homes; Bell Meadow, Bridgeton Township - 6 homes; Riverview Drive, Bridgeton Township - 8 homes; Riverman Drive, Bridgeton Township - 19 homes; Main Street, Bridgeton Township - 13 homes; South River Road, Bridgeton Township - 7 homes.
Osceola County has been retrieving propane tanks from waterways, as of 1700 yesterday 41 have been recovered. Osceola has requested building inspectors to evaluate homes that were impacted by the flood waters, LARA is providing inspectors to help coordinate this effort. Lt Josh Lator (MSP) is functioning as Osceola County's Operations Section Chief. Osceola County has reported 105 homes impacted. Osceola County requested MSP Aviation Unit to fly the Muskegon River area to search for missing propane tanks. MSP Aviation Lt. Lawrence will be meeting with Osceola County staff, and Mecosta County EM at the Big Rapids airport.
Mason County has reported 56 homes impacted. The Pere Marquette River is receding and is below flood stage. Hamlin Lake (which is fed by the Sauble River) has lost a significant portion of its ice cover, so the threat to Hamlin Dam and/or ice jams is decreased. Road Commission is working on re-assessing and repairing affected roads.
Michigan State Police, Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division has obtained a permit for The Emergency Management and Homeland Security Division to allow for the transportation of more than one propane tank by a hauler. This permit is applicable only in the counties of Newaygo and Osceola and for a 100 mile radius of the propane tanks point of origin. The hauler must have their copy of the permit with them at all times.
As requested by Osceola Co, MDOT has deployed 8 class III barricades and 2 road closed signs for both sides of 85th Ave. bridge.
The Auxcomm Emergency Management Coordinator has been paged to provide backup communications due to the widespread infrastructure damage.

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