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2.2.5. Outlining the plan on MI-CIMS

The Net Manager should have a plan, the plan should be documented, and major components of the plan should be shared with other players. The Michigan Critical Incident Management System, MI-CIMS, is the primary way information is shared among agencies.
Access to MI-CIMS requires that the user take training, and in general, Net Managers do not have that training. Net Managers should identify a net member who has access to this system, or should work with their assigned DEC to get the net's plan recorded in MI-CIMS the week before the exercise.

Document plan September 28

      •   The net manager should plan to have the appropriate ICS forms available the week of September 28 (one week before SET).
Review the section on MI-CIMS in the Emergency Coordinators section (Section 2.1.5, “Outlining the plan on MI-CIMS”) for details on how the plan should be documented.

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