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3. Exercise Conduct

At 0800, the SEOC will transmit its ICS-214 outlining the events leading up to the exercise. This for will be transmitted using Olivia 1K/8. This is not our normal practice, however it has been chosen over 8/500 for the added speed. The form will be transmitted on 3584kHz center frequency. If the F2 critical frequency is above 6 at the time of the exercise, it will be re-transmitted on 7044kHz center.
Following the 214, a series of radiograms will be broadcast on 3563kHz. There will be an opportunity following the series of radiograms for fills, but the set will be sent automatically, so there will be no breaks between messages. Think of it as an ARRL Qualifying Run. Again, if the critical frequency is high, the broadcast will be repeated on 7068.
The same series of radiograms will then be sent via Olivia 8/500 (the normal mode) on 3584 center and possibly again on 7044.
Finally, the SEOC will stand by on 3932 to provide fills for any nets unable to receive the automated transmissions. All nets are encouraged to copy the CW or Olivia transmissions, however, since it will be fairly late when the radiotelephone session starts and this will put the served jurisdictions at a disadvantage.
The SEOC will provide additional injects as the exercise proceeds through RF as well as the public switched network. Nets should guard 3563, 3584, 3932 as appropriate for that net. Injects affecting the entire section will be transmitted first on 3563, then 3584 and finally 3932. Note, however, that the SEOC's 214, which gives valuable context, will only be updated on 3584 Olivia 8/1K.

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