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2. Objectives

2.1. MARS Interface

For some time the Section has enlisted the assistance of MARS for various exercises, but rarely have the MARS circuits been exercised heavily. Perhaps more importantly, there has been no effort to build processes by which local jurisdictions might exploit MARS.
For this exercise, most traffic outbound from the SEOC will be transmitted via NTS circuits, much as has been done in the past. However, inbound traffic will be handled almost exclusively via MARS circuits.
NTS Net Managers and ARES District Emergency Coordinators have been advised ahead of time to develop circuits to allow the local jurisdictions to contact their nearest MARS representative to transfer messages. MARS members have been ordered to make their availability known to DECs. Since most counties are likely not within VHF range of their MARS station, it is expected that counties will need the assistance of their NTS nets to aid in passing traffic to MARS.

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