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3. Event List

October 5, 05:31 A.M.
The MSP duty officer is notified via MPSCS that Mackinac county has lost its 911 communications. The cause of the loss is not yet clear.
October 5, 05:48 A.M.
Presque Isle county looses public safety communications. There are reports of unusual weather.
October 5, 05:57 A.M.
The National Weather Service office at Marquette reports tornado-like radar features along the Lake Michigan shore, however conditions are not conducive to tornadoes.
October 5, 06:17 A.M.
Due to multiple counties loosing 911 communications, Governor Rick Snyder orders partial activation of the State Emergency Operations Center.
October 5, 06:28 A.M.
Muskegon county looses 911
October 5, 06:31 A.M.
Huron county looses 911
October 5, 06:49 A.M.
The National Weather Service office at Grand Rapids reports unusual radar signatures along the Lake Michigan shore, not unlike those observed by NWS/MQT.
October 5, 06:58 A.M.
Because of the unexplained and increasing nature of events around the state, Captain Chris Kelenske determines that a full activation of the SEOC is called for.
October 5, 07:09 A.M.
Saint Clair county looses 911
October 5, 07:20 A.M.
Director Kelenske declares the SEOC operational
October 5, 07:41 A.M.
The Michigan State Police is unable to contact Presque Isle county via MPSCS
October 5, 07:58 A.M.
Berrien county looses 911
October 5, 08:00 A.M.
The State Emergency Operations Center, KD8MTL, broadcasts situation information to the Section.
October 5, 08:03 A.M.
Berrien county reports unusual damage near the lakeshore with significant, unexplained debris. The D. C. Cook Nuclear Generating Plant near Bridgeman has been shut down as a consequence of this damage.
October 5, 08:07 A.M.
Monroe County is receiving a large number of seemingly prank calls. These calls report unlikely weather patterns, unusual debris including significant fish parts. These reports are mostly close to the lake.
October 5, 08:21 A.M.
The National Weather Service at Marquette reports that the features reported earlier offshore have now begun to move inland.
October 5, 08:23 A.M.
The NWS office at Grand Rapids reports similar activity to that reported by Marquette.
October 5, 08:29 A.M.
The 145.31 repeater at Quanicassee is reportedly off the air.
October 5, 08:42 A.M.
The Enrico Fermi II Nuclear Generating Station in the Frenchtown Charter Township has been shut down as a precaution.
October 5, 08:54 A.M.
Long lines have begun forming at gas stations as the stations are unable to process credit card transactions.
October 5, 09:11 A.M.
The National Weather Service office at White Lake reports that it no longer has radar capability.
October 5, 09:17 A.M.
Berrien County requests 10,000 pounds of shark repellent from the SEOC. SEOC is reaching out to Federal resources in an attempt to satisfy this unusual request.
October 5, 09:32 A.M.
Presque Isle county ARES reports that county towers have suffered significant feedline damage.
October 5, 09:41 A.M.
Students at the University of Michigan cannot use the cafeteria or bookstore because the credit card system is down. Some get unruly.
October 5, 09:54 A.M.
It becomes apparent that gas stations, grocery stores and restaurants cannot process credit card transactions due to the communications outages which are now becoming widespread.
October 5, 09:59 A.M.
Governor Rick Snyder declares a state of emergency.
October 5, 10:00 A.M.
KD8MTL broadcasts the ICS-214 Incident Event List for the operational period 0800-1000 local.
October 5, 10:07 A.M.
The SEOC requests Ogemaw ARES to assist local law enforcement with communications. Law enforcement is swamped with civil disturbances, and communications have been degraded significantly.
October 5, 10:13 A.M.
Reports of long lines and hot tempers continue to build across the state.
October 5, 10:21 A.M.
Like Ogemaw, Oakland County is requested to assist law enforcement.
October 5, 10:29 A.M.
SEOC receives a report of shark attacks in Kent County. This is surprising since there are no known sharks in the Great Lakes, and Kent County is landlocked.
October 5, 10:33 A.M.
Recognizing that Michigan is being affected by a full-blown sharknado, Governor Rick Snyder declares a state of disaster, requests Federal assistance.
October 5, 10:39 A.M.
Due to the dangers posed by the sharknado, citizens are ordered to stay indoors.
October 5, 10:41 A.M.
Oakland ARES indicates that they will not respond to the request for assistance to law enforcement due to safety concerns.
October 5, 10:48 A.M.
The Governor activates the Michigan National Guard to assist in dealing with this unusual event.
October 5, 10:52 A.M.
The MNG deploys to Washtenaw County to assist with the civil disruption.
October 5, 11:17 A.M.
The State Emergency Operations Center requests that that Ingham County provide relief operators to the State EOC.
October 5, 11:27 A.M.
Due to growing civil unrest, the Michigan State Police dispatches three additional battalions to Genesee County.
October 5, 11:41 A.M.
The State Emergency Operations Center requests a detailed damage assessment from Muskegon County.
October 5, 12:00 P.M.
KD8MTL broadcasts ICS-214 for the operational period 1000-1200 local. Exercise ends.

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