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2. Scenario

Early in the morning of October 5, various 911 centers, especially those on the borders of the state, report loosing communications. In some cases, MPSCS communications are out, making reports difficult. The National Weather Service reports unusual activity along the lakeshore. There are strong similarities to tornadic activity, but conditions would not warrant this kind of instability.
As the strange weather activity increases, there are increasing reports of damage, and some very unusual reports. The D.C. Cook Nuclear Plant is closed due to damage. Because of the strange reports, especially in Monroe County, the E. Fermi II Station closes as a precaution.
As more and more communications are disrupted, it becomes evident that credit card transactions cannot be processed. Lines form at gas stations, restaurants and grocery stores, tempers flare. Governor Rick Snyder declares a state of emergency.
As the situation deteriorates, it becomes clear that Michigan is being affected by a full-scale sharknado. These sharks seem to have a particular appetite for feedlines. Civil disturbance is becoming widespread. The Governor declares a state of disaster, mobilizes the National Guard, and orders citizens to stay indoors.

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