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ASEC Statement to Leaders

This is a drill.
The State Emergency Operations Center has been activated due to communications issues around the state. These incidents appear to be unrelated, but the number of similar reports is of concern. In addition, unusual weather patterns have been reported.
KD8MTL will broadcast an incident event list (ICS-214) on 3.584 center frequency using Olivia 8/1K when the SEC arrives at the SEOC, expected at 0800 local. The SitMan at will be also updated at 0800 and possibly at other times during the incident. KD8MTL will update its ICS-214 several times during the incident as well.
You should execute your activation plan at this time. Please be prepared to keep the SEOC current with the 214 for your District and your Net.
Visit to check whether the critical frequency is adequate to support 7 MHz operation.
This is a drill.

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