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SET 2013

Master Scenario Event List


John McDonough

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This document details the events which will drive the 2013 Simulated Emergency Test for the Michigan Section. Reference material for the exercise controllers is included.

1. Introduction
2. Scenario
3. Event List
A. ASEC Statement to Leaders
B. Net Contacts
C. Incident Event Lists from SEOC
C.1. Operational Period 06:00-08:00
C.2. Operational Period 08:00-10:00
C.3. Operational Period 10:00-12:00
D. Radiograms sent from SEOC
D.1. 08:00
D.2. 08:00
D.3. 08:00
D.4. 08:00
D.5. 08:00
D.6. 08:00
D.7. 08:00
D.8. 08:00
D.9. 08:00
D.10. 08:00
D.11. 08:00
D.12. 08:31
D.13. 09:02
D.14. 09:02
D.15. 09:23
D.16. 10:07
D.17. 10:21
D.18. 11:17
D.19. 11:41

1. Introduction

Each year on the first Saturday in October, the American Radio Relay League hosts a contest called the "Simulated Emergency Test" or SET. Michigan has long used this opportunity as a relatively complex exercise, rather than a contest, so the general "points getting" dimensions of SET are typically ignored.
Nevertheless, jurisdictions are still strongly encouraged to submit the SET report to the ARRL, and where possible, engage local served agencies.

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