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2.2. Interface with the assigned NTS net

The NTS-ARES interface is critical for several reasons. First, NTS operators are highly skilled at dealing with record traffic. While ARES ops regularly transmit tactical messages, the opportunity to deal with record traffic is less common. Using NTS allows ARES operators to focus on more tactical needs while utilizing the greater skill of NTS ops for record traffic.
Secondly, longer haul traffic requires dealing with unpredictable HF circuits and often congestion on frequency. Relieving the ARES operators of these concerns gives them more time to focus on local needs.
Thirdly, when many counties are activated, the station at the SEOC can get quite congested. Limiting the stations contacting the SEOC helps alleviate this congestion. In addition, the more practiced NTS operators take considerably less time to transmit and receive traffic than less skilled operators.