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3. Conduct

At approximately 0800 local on May 12, the State Emergency Operations Center will send a query requesting specific details of resources to each District. The District is expected to pass this query along to each county for their response. The individual counties may respond directly to the SEOC, or may instead pass the response to the DEC or his delegate to relay to the SEOC.
Message Flow
flow of traffic
Figure 2. Message Flow

The SEOC will operate MT-63/1K at 3.584 MHz center frequency. Should the F2 critical frequency exceed 9 MHz or the D layer absorption exceed 6dB at 3.5 MHz, the SEOC will move to 7.036 MHz center frequency.
All traffic to and from the SEOC will be in MT-63/1K, flmsg wrapped. All traffic will use the appropriate ICS forms.
In addition to the original query, the SEOC may learn more as the situation evolves, and will notify the Districts via the same method. Districts should continue to monitor the SEOC frequency during the exercise.
Individual counties are encouraged to include local activities designed to exercise specific skills needed for that county. It is possible that some counties may experience injects which do not come directly from the SEOC.
The exercise will complete at 1200 local. Individual jurisdictions may, of course, choose to continue activities past that time.