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2. Scenario

Critical infrastructure at scattered locations around the state is failing for no obvious reason. Individuals in many key positions are failing to appear at work and have been impossible to contact. There are rumors of illness but no verification.
The Michigan Department of Community Health has identified two cases of the H5N1 virus in the state, one in Oceana county and the other in Emmett county. These cases do not appear to be related. However, these two areas have also been affected by spotty infrastructure failures.
Reported Incidents
Michigan map showing report locations
Figure 1. Reported Incidents

Because there seems to be no apparent pattern to the problems across the state, there is some suspicion that this is somehow related to a hostile action, but it is important to note that this is only a suspicion.
To ensure the availability of auxiliary communications resources, the Section Emergency Coordinator is attempting to identify all available resources across the state, and obtain contact information for these resources that does not rely on commercial infrastructure.
Because it is unknown whether some hostile action is involved, all transmissions should contain only required information with no explanations. Information transmitted should contain minimum information which may be of use to an adversary.