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6.2. Net Managers

Prior to the SET, each Net Manager should:
  • Contact the appropriate DEC (refer to Appendix C) and arrange meeting times, frequencies, and get an understanding of the groups maturity with respect to traffic handling procedures and net discipline.
  • Schedule net controls as needed for the event.
  • Recruit liaison stations having the capability to contact the SEOC as well as to participate with the counties.
  • Advise net members of meeting times, frequencies, and your expectations for the members.
  • Be aware of each net member's emergency power capabilities. Remember that not all types of emergency power have the same useable lifetime. Keep in mind that, for example, it may not be possible to refuel a gasoline powered generator if there is a widespread outage, and gas stations will not be able to pump fuel. Consider fallbacks such as CW so that stations may extend their lifetime by operating at lower power. Alternatively, consider rotating NCS stations so that any one station's transmitting time is reduced.
    Note that in most cases, the SEOC is in a position to receive CW on the phone as well as CW frequency.
  • Net Managers should review ARRL "Form B" found at and send in the completed form after the event. Net Managers should note that this is a pretty simple report if completed the day of the SET, but could be challenging if put off until near the due date of Feb, 2012.