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6. Specific Assignments

Prior to the exercise the Net Managers and DECs need to take care of a few details.

6.1. District Emergency Coordinators

Prior to SET each DEC should:
  • Contact the appropriate Net Manager and arrange meeting times, frequencies (refer to Appendix B)
  • Identify an evaluator for the District. The Evaluator should be expected to monitor the District's on the air activities during the SET, participate in the Evaluator's Conference on September 21, return the EEG to the SEC promptly, and participate in the Evaluator's After Action Conference.
    Advise the SEC of the Evaluator by September 14, providing call and contact information.
  • Contact each member county, identify who intends to participate, and arrange for appropriate contact between the county and the District (in case the net frequency is expected to be congested or a county cannot muster the necessary capabilities).
  • For each county, identify any served agencies that intend to participate, and provide that information to the Training and Exercise Officer no later than September 14 (
  • Remind each Emergency Coordinator that they should plan to send a report in to Headquarters following SET. Emergency Coordinators should report on "Form A" found at Remind ECs that this report is much easier to fill out on the day of SET than later on after the details have become fuzzy.
  • For each resource to be used, be aware of emergency power capabilities; type of power, running time available, ability to be reloaded.
  • For any repeaters or other resources to be used, coordinate with the owners of those resources to ensure their availability for the SET.