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4.4. "Outlier" nets

There are a few affiliated nets which have unusual duties or are omitted. There are seven districts and four NWS offices. The NWS offices do not offer the complexity of a District; i.e. they have no further subdivisions. There are some nets that share a Net Manager. Not every District has a Net Manager residing in that District. This inevitably leads to a certain amount of unevenness in how the nets are treated. The strategy shown above attempts to minimize that unevenness.
MITN and SEMTN share a Net Manager. That Net Manager happens to reside in a district not fully covered by SEMTN, but adjacent. That Net Manager has double work for this exercise.
TMMTN is in District 3, but covers only a small fraction of that District. The Net Manager for TMMTN is also the Net Manager for GLETN. In addition, GLETN has some special challenges, so rather than assign that Net Manager double duty, TMMTN was left out of the plan.
GLETN has the widest coverage of all the nets, so that net was assigned the 4 NWS offices which represent the most geographically disparate group. There is considerable unevenness in the NWS offices, so even though this assignment represents the smallest group of contacts, it presents some special challenges.
NLEUP is without a Net Manager and appears to have been more or less dormant for some time. NLEUP has thus been left out also.
QMN has an assignment that is outside the District where the Net Manager resides, similarly for MACS. However, both of these Net Managers reside within repeater range of their served Districts and both nets include membership from these Districts.