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4.2. Liaison to the SEOC

It has long been the practice of traffic nets to collect traffic on a net, then send a liaison to another outlet to forward the traffic. Rather than encourage congestion on the SEOC operating frequencies, it only makes sense for the nets to each send a liaison to SEOC to bring traffic to/from the SEOC station.
Since the SEOC can operate two frequencies simultaneously, and the nets need only one member to act as liaison to the SEOC, rather than 83 stations all trying to contact the SEOC on a single frequency, there would be only four stations on each of two frequencies. This would imply that some phone nets would contact the SEOC on CW, but all of the HF nets (at least) have some CW capable members.
Traffic Flow
Traffic Flow
Figure 1. Traffic Flow

The above figure outlines the proposal for alignment between Districts and nets. Black lines indicate liaison with SEOC on 3.563 MHz, while violet lines indicate contact on 3.932 MHz.