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4. Possible Approaches

If one steps back and looks at what we are attempting, it seems we largely have the capabilities in place, but have failed to exploit them. It would seem that falling back to "standard" operational procedures, and adding some permanance to the relationships may help significantly.

4.1. ARES-NTS Relationships

For this exercise, it is proposed that we implement what we hope to become a more or less permanant relationship between the Affiliated Section Nets and the ARES Districts. Each District will be assigned a net, and each net a District, with the expectation that this relationship will remain past the exercise, extending not only to future Section-wide exercises, but quite possibly also to District and local exercises where it becomes appropriate.
It is expected that each Net Manager will develop a relationship with a District Emergency Coordinator. In this way each can develop an understanding of the skills, capabilities and needs of the other. We have moved in this direction in earlier exercises, but never with the intention that the relationship be more or less permanent. The nets do not neatly overlay the Districts, so the relationship isn't always obvious.
Key criteria for matching the District with the net should include such considerations as the net's coverage, distribution of membership, and proximity of the Net Manager to the District Emergency Coordinator.