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3. Issues to address

A number of issues have arisen in past exercises that should be addressed. Not all will or should be addressed in a single exercise, however, some of the key issues should be touched, and are enumerated below.

3.1. SEOC as Net Control

On some occasions, the SEOC has atrempted to act as a net control station. While at times this has worked, at other times, especially when there is a lot of traffic or when the SEOC becomes particularly busy, this has not worked well. Indeed, most counties have found that it is better to run SKYWARN net control from an isolated location, so NCS may focus on the net, and be isolated to a degree from operational distractions. During some SEOC activations, the level of distraction at the station, even though it is isolated from the SEOC proper, can be substantial.
Given the large number of stations that are active when the SEOC station is active, it may not even make sense for the SEOC station to join a net, let alone serve as NCS.