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Universal Task List - Common Capabilities

A.1. Planning

ComA 1 Develop scalable strategic plans, based on normal response plans, to prevent, protect against, respond to, and recover from natural and man-made disasters as well as acts of terrorism
ComA 1.1 Establish the National Response Plan
ComA 1.1.1 Facilitate implementation of the National Response Plan
ComA 1.1.2 Update and maintain the National Response Plan
ComA 1.1.2 Update and maintain the National Incident Management System
ComA 1.1.3 Develop regional, and State/local Strategic Plans
ComA 1.2 Establish the National Incident Management System
ComA 1.3 Establish and maintain a national preparedness assessment and reporting system
ComA 1.3.1 Develop and coordinate jurisdictional preparedness programs
ComA 1.3.2 Develop a preparedness planning and review cycle that encompasses planning, training, exercising, evaluation and the incorporation of After Action Reviews (AAR) and Lessons Learned (LL)
ComA Track implementation AARs and LLs for improvement and corrective actions that enhance exercises and inform subsequent corrective training efforts
ComA 1.3.3 Develop and promulgate national preparedness security guidance and/or best practices, policies and monitor conformance
ComA 1.3.4 Conduct gap analysis to identify training, exercise needs and to facilitate investment and personnel decisions
ComA 2 Develop/Revise Operational Plans
ComA 2.1 Conduct a hazard analysis to identify threats, vulnerabilities, and consequences to be addressed by emergency management plans
ComA 2.1.1 Establish readiness and response levels
ComA 2.1.2 Establish criteria for local disaster or emergency declarations
ComA 2.1.3 Develop and maintain Comprehensive Emergency Management Plans (CEMPs) or similar emergency management/preparedness plans
ComA 2.2 Define and implement the responsibilities for standardized emergency management system planning
ComA 2.2.1 Define responsibilities of agencies and departments
ComA 2.2.2 Coordinate and integrate all response and recovery agencies/organizations in the planning process
ComA 2.2.3 Coordinate and integrate nongovernmental organizations and the private-sector entities into emergency management planning and decision making processes
ComA 2.3 Develop and execute mutual aid assistance agreements and compacts
ComA 2.3.1 Facilitate the development of international, regional, and inter- and intra-State mutual aid agreements
ComA 2.3.2 Coordinate mutual aid agreements with public and private organizations
ComA 2.3.3 Develop regional coordination plans or activities that involve all Federal, State, local, territorial, tribal, NGO, and private stakeholders
ComA 2.4 Develop Emergency Operations/Response Plans that describe how personnel, equipment, and other governmental, nongovernmental, and private resources will support and sustain incident management requirements
ComA 2.4.1 Develop procedures to maintain related emergency operations plans
ComA 2.4.2 Coordinate scientific and technical expertise in developing emergency operations plans
ComA 2.4.3 Establish procedures for implementing emergency operations plans
ComA Develop Standard Operating Procedures and Standard Operating Guides in support of Emergency Operations Plans
ComA Develop protocols for joint investigation
ComA Develop emergency response protocols with private-sector partners
ComA 2.4.4 Develop procedures that translates tasking to an organization into specific action-oriented checklists for incident management operations
ComA 2.5 Develop and maintain Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) annexes for hazard specific response to include natural and man-made disasters as well as acts of terrorism, and other hazards
ComA 2.6 Develop plans for military support to civil authority
ComA 2.7 Develop National, State/Local, and Non-Governmental Continuity Plans. All-level Continuity Plans will describe how personnel, equipment, and other governmental, non-governmental, and private resources will support the sustainment and/or reestablishment of essential functions. Plans shall identify the critical and time sensitive applications, processes, and functions, to be recovered and continued, following an emergency or disaster, as well as the personnel and procedures necessary to do so, such as business impact analysis, business continuity management, vital records preservation and alternate operating facilities
ComA 2.7.1 Establish and implement an order of command succession or continuity consistent with NIMS
ComA 2.7.2 Identify alternate work sites and essential tasks/functions
ComA 2.8 Develop cooperative plans and means to respond across international borders
ComA 2.9 Establish organization and leadership of regional and State emergency management structure
ComA 2.9.1 Develop organizational structure of regional and State EOC
ComA Establish roles and responsibilities of regional and State EOC
ComA Coordinate with unions and private-sector groups concerning employee/employer issues
ComA Organize liaison structure for supporting organizations
ComA Identify and define liaison staff responsibilities and responsibilities to support incident prevention and response activities
ComA Designate liaison representatives to incident response management structure
ComA 2.9.2 Identify, develop, and convene local preparedness planning organization(s)
ComA 2.9.3 Facilitate implementation of the National Incident Management System
ComA 2.9.4 Address other specific communication issues in planning
ComA 3 Validate Plans
ComA 3.1 Develop exercises/drills of sufficient intensity to challenge management and operations and to test the knowledge, skills, and abilities of individuals and organizations
ComA 3.2 Develop integrated national, regional, and State/local level exercises/drills
ComA 3.3 Develop regional, and State/local level exercises of sufficient intensity to challenge management and operations and test knowledge, skill and abilities of individuals and organizations
ComA 3.4 Develop lessons learned reports and procedures based on real world events and exercises
ComA 3.5 Develop, review, evaluate and update emergency management and/or preparedness plans based on lessons learned and/or AARs to address problems/gaps and needed corrective actions
ComA 3.6 Ensure that trained, exercised and equipped personnel are available to execute all planning requirements as determined by applicable standards of proficiency
Table A.1. Common A - Planning