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5. NTS Net Interfaces

5.1. Introduction

At each level, representatives will need to interface with other nets or Districts. Interfaces between HF and VHF nets are common, and in many cases, well established. However, DECs will need to identify the appropriate nets and make plans to receive traffic from the net and return a response later.

Planning is required - VHF Net managers should arrange well in advance for interfaces with the appropriate DEC.


5.2. District Interfaces

Each District will interface with one VHF net. There will be an inbound and an outbound "session". However, this will not be a traditional net session. Since this is a simplex exercise, and the VHF nets typically meet on a repeater or linked system, the Net Manager and DEC will need to establish a simplex path or relay from the net to the District.
District Contact Net Inbound Time Outbound Time
1 SEMTN 0900 1130
2 SEMTN 0900 1130
3 TMMTN 0930 1130
5 MVTN 0830 1100
6 MVTN 0830 1100
7 MVTN 0830 1100
8 NLEUP 1000 1130
APX MVTN 0830 1100
DTX SEMTN 0900 1130
GRR MVTN 0830 1100
MQT NLEUP 1000 1130
Table 1. District Interfaces

VHF Net Managers Note: Since we will not be using repeaters, you will need to establish a relay between your net and the appropriate District(s).

Each DEC will need to work with the appropriate net manager well ahead of time to determine stations and schedules that will allow the traffic picked up by the net to be delivered to the District, and allow responses from the District to be routed back through the net.
This is especially challenging for the VHF nets. Each VHF net will need to arrange contacts with multiple DECs. In addition to messages to each of the seven MSP Districts, there will also be traffic for the various NWS offices. While each DEC only has one net to be concerned with, the VHF nets have between one and seven DECs to interface with.
Since some of the VHF nets cover a substantial area, and this is to be a simplex exercise, it may take a large number of relays to deliver the traffic. The DECs have at their disposal a large number of operators who may be able to assist, but by and large these operators have no traffic experience. Each of the net managers will need to provide substantial guidance and mentoring to these inexperienced operators.

5.3. Scheduled Nets

Since the SEOC must meet with seven HF nets over the course of the morning, the HF nets require a prearranged schedule. VHF net meetings may vary, but they will need to be close to the times below, given their interfaces with the HF nets.
Time Net
0800 MITN picks up traffic from SEOC sends reps to MVTN
0830 MACS picks up traffic from SEOC sends reps to SEMTN
0830 MVTN delivers traffic to D5, 6, 7
0900 Wolverine picks up traffic from SEOC sends reps to TMMTN
0900 SEMTN delivers traffic to D1, 2
0930 UP Net picks up traffic from SEOC sends reps to NLEUP
0930 TMMTN delivers traffic to D3
1000 NLEUP delivers traffic to D8
1100 MVTN picks up traffic from D5, 6, 7, sends reps to GLETN
1130 GLETN meets delivers traffic to SEOC
1130 SEMTN picks up traffic from D1, 2 sends reps to QMN
1130 TMMTN picks up traffic from D3 sends reps to QMN
1130 NLEUP picks up traffic from D8 sends reps to QMN
1200 QMN meets delivers traffic to SEOC
Table 2. District Interfaces

5.4. VHF Net Interfaces

VHF Net Managers willl need to arrange liaisons with two HF nets, one for traffic flowing into the net and one for traffic leaving the net.
VHF Net Inbound Net Outbound Net
TMMTN Wolverine QMN
Table 3. VHF Net Interfaces

5.5. Contact List

The following contacts must be made during March to arrange liaisons, VHF relays, etc:
Davis, Ted N8ZSA
  • WB8WKQ
Duggan, Red WA8RLI
  • AC8AR
Fleming, John K8UP
  • WB8WKQ
Flickinger, Carl KB8FQJ
  • AC8AR
Gage, Michael N8VLN
  • AC8AR
Gagnon, Aileen WA8DHB
  • KG8NK
Gebolis, Lou KG8NK
  • WA8DHB
  • K8AE
  • KI8AF
Hanson, Greg KI8AF
  • KG8NK
Miller, Jeff WB8WKQ
  • AC8AR
  • WB9JSR
  • K8AE
  • N8ZSA
  • K8YZA
  • K8UP
Pullen, Joseph K8YZA
  • WB8WKQ
Stinson, Chris KC8YTK
  • AC8AR
Travis, Anne K8AE
  • KG8NK
  • K8MFK
  • WB8WKQ
Tuscher, Joe N8OSL
  • K8MFK
van der Mel, Tom KB8VEE
  • AC8AR
Warczynski, Ron K9RON
  • K8MFK
Warsalla, Frank K8MFK
  • K9RON
  • N8OSL
  • K8AE
Wehmer, John WB9JSR
  • WB8WKQ
Wiswasser, Jack WA8IAL
  • AC8AR
Young, Jean AC8AR
  • WB8WKQ
  • KB8FQJ
  • KB8VEE
  • WA8RLI
  • N8VLN
  • KC8YTK
  • WA8IAL
Table 4. Contact Pairs