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5. Traffic Flow

5.1. Introduction

In order to engage all the affiliated nets, and to also encourage the DECs to develop relationships with their local VHF net, traffic will be routed through all the nets.
At the beginning of the exercise, the SEOC will transmit queries to each District through HF nets. These messages will flow through NTS to each District. The nature of the query will require that the District query each of it's counties. The result will then be pushed back through NTS ultimately arrivng at the SEOC via an HF net.

5.2. Traffic Flow

Four HF nets will meet in sequence receiving traffic from the SEOC. Each of these nets will include representatives from a VHF net. These reps will then take the traffic to the VHF net for delivery to the District. After composing a response, the District will deliver it's answer to that same VHF net, who in turn will send a representative to one of two HF nets meeting with the SEOC later in the morning.
Traffic Flow Diagram
Traffic Flow
Figure 1. Traffic Flow Diagram

5.3. Net Schedule

Each HF net has a specific time slot with the SEOC. It is presumed that the VHF net will meet following the HF meeting at the beginning of the exercise, and before the HF net at the end of the exercise.
Net Schedule
Net Schedule
Figure 2. Net Schedule