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1. Overview

1.1. Introduction

Over the past several EC meetings, ECs have asked for more exercises. This year the section hopes to have at least three, including the annual SET. The first of these is planned for April.

1.2. Driving Forces

The 2009 SET exposed several serious shortcomings in our level of readiness. The target of this exercise will be to help develop capabilities to fill those shortcomings.
  • Lack of within-District communications plan
  • Lack of understanding of/interface to NTS
  • Overall lack of planning

1.3. Targets for the exercise

To address these needs, we hope to accomplish one basic target; communications from and to the State Emergency Operations Center using formalized, predefined circuits.
Communications for the exercise will be accomplished using point-to-point phone circuits, both VHF and HF. CW and packet circuits will be available for those counties who wish to test direct communications to the SEOC, but the primary exercise objectives will be carried out over phone circuits.

1.4. Capabilities to be developed

Each District will need to develop some specific capabilities prior to the exercise:
  • A plan for communication among the individual counties in the District. This should include not only agreed upon frequencies and modes, but also protocols and possible meeting or listening schedules.
  • An understanding of the National Traffic System as it exists in Michigan, including liaison with, and familiarity with, local VHF traffic nets.
  • A good understanding of net and traffic handling procedures and discipline.