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7. Other SEOC Communications

7.1. Introduction

During any statewide exercise, each program often wants to test circuits from their local EOC to the State EOC. Limited opportunities will be available during this exercise.

7.2. HF Phone

Because we wish to engage all the HF nets, the HF phone capability of the SEOC will be exhausted during this exercise. Direct contact over HF phone from the individual counties is unwelcome for this exercise.

7.3. HF CW

To accomodate direct communications with individual counties, the SEOC will monitor 3.563 MHz CW from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM during the exercise.

7.4. HF Digital

The SEOC will not be using HF digital modes during the exercise.

7.5. VHF/UHF Phone

This is a simplex exercise. As such, VHF phone connections will not be appropriate from most programs. To accomodate nearby programs or VHF/UHF relays, the SEOC will monitor 147.54 MHz and 446.00 MHz from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM.

7.6. VHF Packet

The SEOC will be available to receive formal traffic on . Replies may or may not be timely. The station will also monitor CONV channel 911.