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2. Overview of the Backup Process

On a schedule determined by the Appendix A, crontab, gzipped tar files are created for backup. These files are created locally, and then retrieved from the hamgate by a remote system.
Configuration of the hamgate does not change frequently. However, it is useful to have reasonably frequent full backups in case some change was made that wasn't manually backed up.
The backups are executed as follows:
  • Each night the messages on the hamgate are backed up (refer to Appendix D, /root/JNOSmailBackup2).
  • Every Monday, the entire /jnos directory tree is backed up (refer to Appendix C, /root/JNOSbackup). This directory tree includes all the configuration, data and programs specific to JNOS. This backup should allow for restoration of JNOS operation onto an existing Linux system.
  • On the fourth of every month, the entire system is backed up (refer to Appendix B, /root/SystemBackup). This backup should allow for restoration of the entire system onto a blank system.
After the savesets have been created on the hangate, a cron job runs on a server at WB8RCR (refer to Appendix E, Server crontab for the relevant fragment of that crontab). Other systems with the appropriate SSH keys could (and probably should) retrieve those tar files.