This is the site of the Michigan Section of the Amateur Radio Emergency Services.

Michigan ARPSC is the Amateur Radio Public Service Corps and encompasses ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Services), RACES (Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Services) and Skywarn (a service provided in cooperation with the National Weather Service). ARES Events can be any event where a Communications need exists of a non-commercial nature (FCC Part 97 Rules). ARES is administered by the ARRL - American Radio Relay League. RACES is any event that the Government sees a need for additional communications needs (Generally the Governor of a state or their duly appointed Representative makes the call. For clarification please read Part 97 Rules) and is administered by FEMA. Skywarn is administered by the NOAA - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration National Weather Service Division. There are four National Weather Service sites in Michigan - Detroit/White Lake, Grand Rapids, Gaylord and Marquette.

Michigan is unique in that it was one of the first if not the first state in the United States to recognize the need for Amateur Radio Operators to be cross-trained in both ARES and RACES protocols. This aids the process of assistance we provide in the sense that cross-trained individuals who start out as an ARES Operator can just change hats and continue the operations wearing the RACES hat. This was in no small part to several individuals in the Eighth Region (Ohio and Michigan in particular!) and most especially to George Race, WB8BGY as well as others.

Amateur Radio Operators are unique people who have a love for Communications. This is one of the first Wireless Mediums that was invented and has been used for everything from World Wide Communications in the HF (High Frequency) Spectrum, to local Communications in the VHF/UHF (Very High Frequency/Ultra High Frequency) Spectrum, to Microwave Communications. Different types of ways have also been perfected or discovered via Amateur Radio such as SSB (Single-Side Band), AM (Amplitude Modulation), FM (Frequency Modulation), Packet (the forerunner to what we know as an Internet Protocol), ATV (Amateur Television), RTTY (Radio-Teletype), PSK-31 (Phase-Shift Keying) and many other types of communications.

This Web Site was developed as a way for you the reader to learn something about Amateur Radio and what is happening in the State of Michigan.

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Our Mission Statement

Contact Section Leaders

Section Manager
James Kvochick, K8JK
10366 Greystone Court
Brighton, MI 48114-7650

Larry Camp, WB8R
71 Oakdale Lane
Coldwater, MI 49036

ASM Digital
John J. Nugent, WB8TKL
1316 Oak Street
Ypsilanti, MI 48198

ASM Training
Daniel M Romanchik, KB6NU
1325 Orkney Dr
Ann Arbor, MI 48103-2966

Affiliated Club Coordinator
Joseph B. Miller, KJ8O
6928 Forest Park Ct.
Troy, MI 48098

Official Observer Coordinator
Ken Coughlin, N8KC
53762 Kristin Ct
Shelby Twp., MI 48316

Public Information Coordinator
Patrick W. Mullet, KC8RTW
171 E. Orchard Ave.
Shepherd, MI 48883

Section Emergency Coordinator
John J Mc Donough, WB8RCR
2211 Laurel Ln
Midland, MI 48642-3820

Section Traffic Manager
Mark Shaw, K8ED
2829 Dorchester
Birmingham, MI 48009

Section Youth Coordinator
Gordon L Baldwin, W8CT
121 North Al Moses Rd
Lake City, MI 49651

State Government Liaison
Edward L Hude, WA8QJE
114 S College Rd
Mason, MI 48854-9786

Technical Coordinator
W Wallace Murray, KE8HR
1403 S Hill Rd
Milford, MI 48381-2854